The condominium skyline in Alberta is growing rapidly. As more Albertans transition to condo living, we want to help ensure that your condominium corporation is able to manage their assets effectively.

Over the years, we’ve built a specialization in performing financial statement audits, or an Audit Engagement, specifically designed for condominium corporations of all types and sizes; whether they are residential, mixed use or commercial.

This is a significant process of review and assurance. It’s valuable because it gives your members transparency and comfort that the annual financial statements are free of any material misstatements, as determined by an independent professional accountant. This is done by applying the Canadian auditing standards for not-for-profit organizations (ASNPO).

Once we move through the audit process, we’ll provide you with a full audit report that you can share with your members or potential buyers with confidence. If you need help to explain these results to your members, we’re always happy to attend the Annual General Meeting to discuss, explain and answer any questions relating to the audited financial statements – and it’s all included in our services.


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