We offer a full range of Canadian tax services to meet your needs:


We understand that everyone – regardless of how you earn your income - wants to maximize earnings to benefit your loved ones. We also know how confusing the taxation system can be.

It starts with simple things like filing your tax returns. But we can also help you think more strategically about your tax situation. With our in-house tax expertise, we are able to help you with Capital Gains exemption planning, tax-effective philanthropy planning, estate or creditor protection planning and establishing and managing family trusts.

If you’ve gone through a rough patch – and we all do, we can help with dispute resolution with the Canada Revenue Agency or if you need advice on the tax-efficient division of matrimonial assets.

As always, we have your best interests in mind. We work hard to help you navigate the system and minimize your tax exposure.


The death of a loved one is devastating. The complexities of dealing with the deceased’s estate - from gathering and liquidating assets, to filing and paying taxes, to the eventual distribution of assets to the beneficiaries - can very be overwhelming and time consuming. We can help you navigate the system and minimize the tax exposure for the estate.


If you`re an owner of a private business, we know how hard you’ve worked to earn your money – we`re small business owners ourselves!

That`s why we want to help you structure your business taxes to maximize the benefit. Whether you are just setting up your business, growing your operations, partnering with others in business or are looking to transfer your successful business to the next generation, we can help. We can help you think through the strategic and practical tax implications of what you want to do and find the best tax solution for you.

We also work with you to ensure that you meet all your tax compliance obligations on a timely basis. From preparing income tax and GST returns for all types of business structures such as proprietorships, corporations and partnerships; to dealing with payroll and dividend filings; to ensuring that other types of specialized information returns you may be subject to are taken care of, we’ve got your back.

If your business is subjected to an audit by the Canada Revenue Agency, we can help support you throughout the audit and dispute resolution process. We help by taking the burden away from your busy hands and ensure that the audit process moves smoothly and quickly, bringing you the best results possible. If there are still unresolved issues, we help you through the appeals process and beyond.


If you’re a not-for-profit organization, you still have to deal with various tax filings and potential implications. We can help you navigate the system to ensure that you are in compliance.


If your horizons stretch beyond Canada, we can help you manage all of your non-residency taxation questions – from residency determination to clearance requests for property sales to various other tax compliance requirements you may have here in Canada; we can help you effectively plan your taxation strategy to maximize your outcome.

If you are a newcomer to Canada, a non-resident temporarily in Canada on a work visa or a non-resident conducting business / performing services in Canada, you need to understand and comply with the Canadian tax laws or face potentially punitive financial implications. We can help you navigate the system and minimize your tax exposure.

Voluntary Disclosures

It is very easy and costly to be non-compliant with the complex and ever changing Canadian income tax and excise tax laws. If you find yourself in such a situation, we can help you navigate the system and minimize your tax exposure.


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