We offer a full range of tax services to meet your needs:

Taking advantage of the size of our firm, we develop and nurture strong relationships with our clients as we believe that client service is the stepping stone to success.

Our tax services compliment includes:

  • Canadian Income Tax

  • We offer a full range of Canadian income tax services to meet your needs. click here to learn more

  • Excise Tax - GST / HST

  • As if the income tax system was not complex enough, the GST/HST indirect tax system in Canada has many complexities and unforeseen traps that require sound understanding and navigation. We can help you proactively plan your affairs so as to minimize any unforeseen GST/HST exposure. If you find yourself in a situation, we can help you navigate the system to minimize your tax exposure.

  • Support to Small Accounting Practitioners

  • If you are a small practitioner, you don’t have to feel alone. We can provide back-end tax support to help you manage your risk exposure with your clients. As your clients grow and they need more sophisticated tax planning, we’ve got you covered. By engaging with us in this manner, you create a win-win situation for you and your client. You get to retain your clients and increase billings, while ensuring that their tax needs are met.

  • U.S. Tax

  • Whether you are a U.S. Citizen working and living in Canada or a Canadian individual or business with U.S. ties, you may have tax compliance requirements on both sides of the border. We can help you navigate the system and minimize your tax exposure. While we currently do not have in-house U.S. tax expertise, we have access to a wide network of U.S. tax advisors. We can put you in touch with the right advisors and help you coordinate the provision of U.S. tax services to meet your needs.

Our approach to complex tax reorganizations and estate planning engagements

We approach each assignment from a holistic view. This way we can ensure that all aspects of your customized tax plan fit together in an efficient manner, to achieve the results that you are seeking.

We like to view ourselves as Your Quarterback. We not only work with you to understand your goals and develop a custom tax plan to meet your needs, but we also help source the right team of professional to help bring your goals to fruition. We do this in a timely and cost effective manner, that adds value to you.

We have access to a vast network of professionals such as tax lawyers, business valuators and insurance advisors that we work with to implement your tax plan. Each such party engages directly with you, billing you directly for their services. This ensures total transparency and keeps your cost in check.

Our clients engage us because we are small enough to offer personalized services, but big enough to have the infrastructure and professional expertise to support their taxation needs.


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